About Us

Mission Statement

The Vraj Youth Committee is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the intellectual, spiritual and cultural development of Hindu youth by encouraging service to our community and broadening knowledge of our Indian heritage.


Though first established in 2002, the Vraj Youth Committee was formally re-established in August of 2005. The first executive board was introduced, and from there, the stage was set for the future of the Vraj Youth. The committee broke past its beginning obstacles and proved itself as a permanent and vital part of the Vraj family.

As a group dedicated towards the Vraj and its youth, we strive to promote and protect our culture and heritage. We devote our time and volunteer efforts at Vraj events; we’ve introduced the first newsletter written by and for Vraj Youth; we manage and execute various gatherings and programs to unite and encourage Hindu youth in America.

As our organization grows, we are constantly looking for more active and interested youth to help us accomplish our goals. Do not hesitate to contact any e-board member with questions, comments and suggestions.