Vraj Youth Camp 2018
General Registration


Please ensure that your information is accurate before continuing to payment.

Important Notes:

  1. Registration must be completed by a Parent or Legal Guardian of the camper.
  2. Registration form is in two parts. Part I is on-line. Part II is a mail-in form.
  3. Each completed application must be mailed in a separate envelope, along with all five required documents. Multiple applications mailed together will result in the cancellation of all applications.
  4. Space is limited and the camper will be admitted after online payment, and upon approval by the Vraj committee.
  5. All correspondence will only be via the parent's email address on this registration form. Please ensure the accuracy of your email address.
  6. Multiple registration for the same camper would invalidate all. Your donation will be fortified.
  7. All Registrations will be voided if dispute filed with paypal, credit card or bank.
Name of Camper
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Number of year(s) camp attended: year(s).
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Between 13 to 16 yrs.
*Camp slot is assigned only after successful payment. The above counts are only current indicators.
13-16 yrs
(Jul 14-21, 2018)
Boys: Slots Left: 50
Girls: Slots Left: 42

13-16 yrs
(Jul 21-28, 2018)
Boys: Slots Left: 42
Girls: Slots Left: 50
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Important Note:
Vraj facilities has been used for food preparation with Peanut, Tree Nuts, Soy, Milk and Wheat.
Vraj does not provide quarantined facility or meals to camper with specific dietary requirements.
Does your child have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or other related disorder,
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